Remote Insensitivity

Remote friendly! Introvert friendly! Quick!

Remote Insensitivity is an online card game based on the popular Cards Against Humanity game. It’s hilarious and quirky...just keep it safe for work, OK? ;)

How to do it

Remote Insensitivity is a fully online card game by As the facilitator, click the Start Game button on the website, which launches a new game table, plus a link that you share with everyone you want to play with (it takes any number of players, but up to 6 is best).

Each player deals themselves 6 of the pale purple cards, and drags them into the bottom area of the table, where only they can see them. One player (the Dealer) reads out the top dark purple prompt card (e.g. ’I got 99 problems, but ______ ain’t one”). All other players choose one of their cards to finish the sentence in the funniest way possible, and drags it to the middle area. The Dealer then flips the cards in the middle and chooses the best one. Whoever had that card wins that round!

Change the Dealer to the next player, and go another round. Warning: you may not get much actual work done!


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