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What’s so great about this e-book

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Outcome-oriented: each activity describes what your group can expect to get out of it, so it’s easier for you to pick which one to do
Browse by 3 types of activities: introductions, energizers, and warmups
No cringey lame ones: all activities are industry-proven, with easy instructions to run them well
Richly illustrated for the sheer fun of it

Who this e-book is for

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Project Managers and Program Managers who need to spice up recurring meetings
Reseachers, Designers and Facilitators who run group meetings and workshops, including Design Sprints
Agile Coaches and Consultants who want to instil better ways of working in their teams
Teachers who want to add to their toolkit of class activities

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Praise for “50 Remote-Friendly Icebreakers”


Love this book! I use it often for my online sessions. Great ideas, and fun for groups. Can highly recommend it.

Lita Currie • Visual Thinker, Facilitator and Coach


I bought it on a Friday and used 5 of the activities in a day-long workshop! I have several marked to use in my live, online courses in the coming month. I love how easy they are to customize and the purpose behind each one.

Amazon Customer


This book rocks!! ... This would be a great resource for any facilitator at any time. But it is especially helpful now (during the pandemic) as we are working remotely and staying connected is so important. So glad I added this to my toolbox.

Kindle Customer