Elevator Pitch

Remote friendly! Introvert friendly! Creative! Quick!

This is a fast, fun activity that gets everyone doing sales pitches of ridiculous objects to each other.

How to do it

For this activity, you will need to prepare a slide deck of quirky and ridiculous objects, one object for each person in your group. You could start with a gendered glue stick, or diet water, but it’s fun to do your own internet search.

The aim is for each person to do a 30-second sales pitch, to try to convince the person next to them (or a nominated person, if you’re all remote) to buy that object. After 30 seconds the person being ‘sold to’ then has to do a sales pitch of the next object to the next person and so on. Keep it to 30 seconds each, keep it moving!

As facilitator, you might want to go first, to set everyone’s expectations about what they have to do. Encourage everyone to be creative, improvise, and have fun with it!


This activity is ideal if your meeting or workshop is anything to do with product/service value proposition and customer benefits. It takes a real gear-shift in most people’s heads to change from feature-thinking to benefit-thinking, and this game really helps.

One variation is to ask everyone to send you a photo of a weird quirky object ahead of time. You can then mix them up, so nobody knows who is going to have to ‘pitch’ what!

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